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BC Stack 2024

Published: Tue, 06/11/24

I feel... Hi, I feel obligated to recommend this year's "BC Stack 2024" to you simply because it's a huge value for such a little price. BUT...

Content Consumption Overload Part 2

Published: Tue, 06/11/24

How I eliminate content overwhelm Hi, In the email before the last about AppSumo, I talked about how I deal with content overwhelm. It boiled down to…

Only TWO DAYS LEFT - Sumo Days are here!!!

Published: Tue, 06/11/24

some of the best deals on the 'net are from Noah Kagan's AppSumo Hi, Last time out, I talked about how I deal with content overwhelm. Today, we're…

Content Consumption Overload

Published: Thu, 06/06/24

Updated: Thu, 06/06/24

We need better filters, better processes for dealing with ridiculous content output Hi, NOTE: This is going to be a long email...considering while I…

two days left...

Published: Mon, 05/27/24

Updated: Mon, 05/27/24

hurry! Last time out, I told you about ThriveCart. I won't belabor the point: It's good. So good, in fact, that I'm going to get it myself. And right…

I'm doing something I *NEVER* do

Published: Sun, 05/26/24

Updated: Sun, 05/26/24

but I have my reasons I've told you a million times that I only suggest products & services to you ONLY IF I use them myself. But TODAY, I'm breaking…

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